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              fff                                 fff
              fffff                              ffff
             fffffff                           ffffff
             fffffffff                       ffffffff
            ffffffffffff   fffffffff       fffffffffff
          fffffff          ffffffffff         fffffffff
         ffffff              ffffff              fffffff
        fffff                 ffff                 fffff
       ffff                   fff                   fffff
       fff                     ff                    ffff
      fff                      ff                     ffff
     ffff          fffff       f       fffff           ffff
    fffff          ffffff      f       ffffff          fffff
   ffffff          ffffff      f       ffffff          ffffff
  fffffff          ffffff      ff      ffffff          fffffff
 ffffffff          fffff      fff      fffff          fffffffff
ffffffffff          fff      ff ff      fff          ffffffffff
fffffffffff                  ff  ff                 fffffffffff
  fffffffffff              ff     ff               fffffffffff
    fff    ffff          fff       fff           fff     fff
   ffff       fffff  fffff fffffffff fffff   fffff      fffff
    ffff                  fffffffffff     fff          ffff
       fff                ffffffffffff                fff
         ff               fffffffffff                fff
          fff               fffffff                fff
            fff                                  fff
              fff                             ffff
                ffff          ffff         ffff f
                    ffffff           fffffff

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